Magic City Mayhem
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The amount an organization has to layout upfront to print shirts for their  tournament can start at $3000.

With our services the upfront cost is $0. No hidden fees. You do not pay  anything.

We give you a custom design for your specific tournament. Screen printed with  your design on the front and the teams and sponsors(if applicable) on the back.

Screen printed on top quality Sport-Tek brand items. With a large variety of styles  and colors to choose from.

Image by Brandon Mowinkel

Potential earnings are more than double using our services. We pre-sell items on  our website up to 3 months prior to the tournament to  maximize sales. We can offer multiple items and colors online that you would  normally not be able to offer doing it yourself.

We bring a professional set-up to the tournament to distribute all pre-ordered  items, as well as have a predetermined amount of items available for on site  sales. Cash and all major credit cards are accepted.

Not only do we take away the headache and time consuming process of  designing, distributing, and selling apparel. We will maximize your profits. At the  end of the tournament your organization receives a check for a predetermined  percentage of sales. No left over items to deal with.